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About Makepeace Engineering

James Makepeace | Civil Engineer and Owner of Makepeace Engineering

“I measure my success in people helped, always have, always will. I take a lot of pride in knowing my projects end well.” — James Makepeace

My name is Jamey Makepeace. I have a degree in mathematics and a degree in civil engineering. I’m a professional civil engineer licensed in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota.

I founded Makepeace Engineering so I could focus on helping others through quality engineering first, all else second. You see, I’ve worked at other firms and can tell you, quality rarely comes first. Management is always trying to make more money, by providing less—less service, less time, less quality.

Well, my brain just doesn’t work that way. I measure my success in people helped, always have, always will.

When I’m in Trempealeau, Wisconsin, driving down 1st Street, if someone’s in the car with me, I tell them I designed the road we’re driving on, and all the utilities buried under the road, and how we discovered underground springs which required extra precautions.

In Lansing, Iowa, it’s the entire south side of town—the streets, the sewers, the water main, the storm sewer.

In Chippewa Falls, WI it’s a huge parking lot, utilities, drainage, storm water ponds for a hospital.

When I talk to folks who work for Ashley Furniture I tell them I designed the storm water management swales at the facility in Whitehall, Wisconsin.

In Park Falls it’s the sanitary sewer system and drinking water system under two miles of highway 13, and how I found a missing section of storm sewer nobody knew about.

In Galesville, Wisconsin, my report on ammonia and a few hours on the phone each spring helps them keep out of trouble with the DNR.

In Bricelyn, Minnesota, my design resulted in a rehabilitated sewer system and reconstructed road despite the most challenging soil conditions I may have ever seen.

In Richland Center, Wisconsin, my design will help a community which floods every spring. When I visit the project site, I am routinely approached by folks who are grateful they won’t have to go through another spring flood.

This is what makes me excited. I love my job.