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  • Private / Commercial & Public Works Engineering Services
  • Based in Onalaska, WI and licensed in WI, MN and IA

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Here's How We Help You With Your Construction Project

  • Address public safety concerns / obstacles
  • Navigate regulatory processes within municipalities and state agencies
  • Erosion and pollution control
  • Minimize construction delays & costs / prevent rebuilds
  • Supervise project development to ensure compliance
  • Prevent lawsuits and fines by ensuring compliance with laws and codes
  • Protecting your good name and reputation

You Will Save Money

  • Our focus is on providing you professional and effective engineering services while building a working relationship. We are not driven by maximizing profits
  • We are respectful of budgets and adhere to them as agreed
  • Lower overhead, and a desire to minimize your costs makes all the difference

Project Stuck in Red Tape?

Is your project tangled up in regulations and compliance issues? If so, we can help.

We are adept at navigating the regulatory process to help get your project back on track as quickly as possible, saving you time and money.

Licensed in WI, MN & IA

  • We are licensed to work in WI, MN, and IA
  • We understand the laws and codes that apply respectively within each state

Free On-Site Evaluation

  • Get a free on-site evaluation
  • We even pay for travel costs, so you have nothing to risk
  • Free proposal following the evaluation

Public Works and Private / Commercial Services

We provide solutions to both the public works sector and private / commercial sector. Please click a respective link below to learn more about the solutions offered.

"We're an efficient & nimble engineering firm without the large overhead of big name corporations. You could choose a larger firm, with similar results, for more money, but that would just be throwing money away. Contact me for a free on-site evaluation with no obligation and zero risk."

— James Makepeace